What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 SP4

A few weeks ago SAP released SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Support Pack 4 (SP4). This package introduced a few new features which are listed in the “What’s New guide”. It also introduced compatibility or support for  s few new items. There is not much to talk about so ill keep in brief.

New Feature (Highlights)

  1. The translation manager now supports Analysis for OLAP documents.
  2. A few Web Intelligence charting enhancements
  3. You can now schedule BEx based Web Intelligence reports where the BEx query contains dynamic variables.

Supported Platforms (Highlights)

  1. Support for Microsoft SQL 2014
  2. Support for Oracle 12c
  3. Support for SAP HANA SPS 08
  4. Official support for Adobe Flash Player 12


The Official “What’s New” guide from SAP

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise PAM (4.1 SP4)

Forward Fit Document

Forward Fit information

Contains the fixes found in the following releases

4.1 SP 3.1
4.1 SP 2.3
4.1 SP 1.7
4.0 SP 9.1
4.0 SP 8.5
4.0 SP 7.9
4.0 SP 6.12


  1. Good review! What about compatibility with Dataservices 4.2 sp2? Seems to be unavailable to use DS Designer on the same BI 4.1 sp4 server! Kind regards

  2. Jonathan could you elaborate on “You can now schedule BEx based Web Intelligence reports where the BEx query contains dynamic variables.”


  3. From the what’s new guide:
    “For scheduled Web Intelligence documents, if there is a prompt on a BW data source that requires mandatory variables, you can configure the prompt to require the BW data source to provide a variable value when the scheduled document is executed.”

  4. Are Service Packs incremental? I’m not sure how to read the Forward Fit list. We have BI4.1 SP1. Can we now install SP4 or do we need to install SP2 & 3 first?

  5. In most cases (4.x) support packs are cumulative. This means you can go from 4.0 SP3 to 4.1 SP4 directly. You can always check the upgrade guide for a patch to make sure.

  6. Also, the forward fit documents helps you determine if a fix in once support pack and patch already exists in a newer support pack and patch. For example, when 4.1 SP4 is released, it might only contain fixes found in 4.1 SP3 Patch 1. At the same time, 4.1 SP3 might have a patch 2,3,4 and 5. In general this means that 4.1 SP3 Patch 5 has several additional fixes that might not exists in the based 4.1 SP4 build.

  7. Hi Jonathan,

    Do you have any tutorial or screenshots for BIBO 4.1 SP2 to sp4 on linux environment with Oracle DB? can you please help me regarding this.


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