SAP Lumira

Publishing Stories to Lumira Cloud


The latest release of SAP Lumira and Lumira Cloud included the ability to publish “stories” designed in Lumira (or Predictive Analysis) to Lumira Cloud. Today’s blog shows the process of designing visualizations, creating story boards, and uploading them to SAP Lumira Cloud using the data set from the Customer Lifetime Value case study blog. Our story board will describe the customers for AdventureWorks Cycle Company, as well as summarize the Customer Lifetime Value and purchase habits for different groups of customers.

Building Stories

The first step in building a story board is creating saved visualizations on the “Visualize” tab in Lumira. Only saved visualizations can be included in story boards, it is not possible to design visualizations within the “Compose” tab, so the story board author should think about the analysis story and design visualizations to convey all of the important components.

Once a library of saved visualizations has…

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