How to determine your patch and service pack level in BOE 4.0

If you have ever managed a SAP BusinessObjects server, there will be a time where you need to determine which Patch or Service Pack is installed on your server. There a a few ways to find this information and I will outline them below:

On a Windows Operating Systems you can check the “Programs and Features” MMC under the control panel:

You should see a list of both the Name and Version number of SAP BusinessObjects that is installed. Below is a version number table you can reference.

(Click To See Image)

You can check the CMS.EXE version number on Windows:

Browse to “Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\cms.exe” and right click the cms.exe file. Chose the details tab and look for the version number.  Please note that you are only checking one executable. It is possible that other service executables have a lower or higher version number. Therefore it is best to rely on “Programs and Features”  MMC information.

(Click To See Image)

You can check the boe_cmsd file on Linux

Browse to the “../sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/linux_x64”  folder on you Linux server and run the following command:

strings boe_cmsd | grep BOBJVERSION

You will see results simular to this:

@(#)BOBJVERSION: boe_cmsd release 11/12/21 linux_x64

View the Metrics property on the Central Management Server in the CMC

The metrics property on each server in the CMC contains the version number. You can obtain the version number via the web based central management console (CMC). As stated above you should also check the “Programs and Features”  MMC information. If you are on Linux or UNIX, this might be easier then using the command line.

(Click to See Image)

Check the install inventry.txt file.

In my opinion, this is the most precise way to identify what was installed. The inventory.txt file contains a line for each package and patch that is installed on your server. It is also OS independent.

[BOBJ Install Directory]\InstallData\inventory.txt

Links to other site:

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Version Number Matrix: (SAP NOTE 1602088)

SCN Posting with another matrix and version information (Link)

BI 4.0 RTM
Patch 04
Patch 05
Patch 06
Patch 07
Patch 08
Patch 09
Patch 10
Support Pack 1
Patch 1.1
Patch 1.2
Patch 1.3
Patch 1.4
Patch 1.5
Patch 1.6
Support Pack 2
Patch 2.1
Patch 2.2
Patch 2.3
Patch 2.4
Patch 2.5
Patch 2.6
Patch 2.7
Patch 2.8
Patch 2.9
Patch 2.10
Patch 2.11
Patch 2.12
Patch 2.13
Patch 2.14
Patch 2.15
Patch 2.16
Patch 2.17
Patch 2.18
Patch 2.19
Patch 2.20
Patch 2.21
Feature Pack 3
Patch FP3.01
Patch FP3.02
Patch FP3.03
Patch FP3.04
Patch FP3.05
Patch FP3.06
Patch FP3.07
Patch FP3.08
Patch FP3.09
Patch FP3.10
Support Pack 4
Patch 4.1
Patch 4.2
Patch 4.3
Patch 4.4
Patch 4.5
Patch 4.6
Patch 4.7
Patch 4.8
Patch 4.9
Patch 4.10
Patch 4.11
Patch 4.12
Patch 4.13
Patch 4.14
Support Pack 5
Patch 5.1
Patch 5.2
Patch 5.3
Patch 5.4
Patch 5.5
Patch 5.6
Patch 5.7
Patch 5.8
Patch 5.9
Patch 5.10
Support Pack 6
Patch 6.1
Patch 6.2
Patch 6.3
Patch 6.4
Support Pack 7
Support Pack 8
Support Pack 9
Version 4.1
Patch 0.1
Patch 0.2
Patch 0.3
Patch 0.4
4.1 Support Pack 1
Patch 1.1
Patch 1.2
Patch 1.3
Patch 1.4
Patch 1.5
Patch 1.6
Patch 1.7
4.1 Support Pack 2
Patch 2.1
Patch 2.2
Patch 2.3
Patch 2.4
4.1 Support Pack 3


  1. Hi Jonathan !

    Nice list… and very useful ! :o)

    Just add:

    Patch 2.13 :

    to make it up to date. ;o)

    But what the **** is this logic with FP releases numbers ?!?



  2. Steve. Thanks for the update on Patch 13. I am not sure what they were thinking when they decided to call “Service Packs – > Support Packs”, “Fix Packs – > Patches” and Major Versions Feature Packs. Between Business Objects and now SAP changing the naming conventions every few years, its difficult to keep track of updates.

  3. In Linux, you could alternatively navigate to the install directory and run, this would list all the installed products with the version.

  4. HI !
    On W2008 R2 server, I’ve just installed FP15 over a fresh BI4 SP2 installation and I get in CMS metrics: !?!
    …like FP13 . :o(
    Anybody noticed the same strange thing ?

  5. I have yet to install FP15 but I would recommend that you check the version on the CMS.EXE file (Windows) and compare. With that said, it is possible that FP15 made no changes to the CMS.EXE file and therefore the version reflects a previous patch.

  6. Jonathan,

    Thank you for your time to put this comprehensive list together. It has really come in handy for an audit we just did of installed software through out our company.

  7. Last week I installed BI 4.0 SP04 and FP 4. I just found out that SAP makes a mess of the version numbers. For instance the ccm.exe is still
    The cms.exe is (FP3, wich I never even download, let alone installed) and in the Control Panel (Installed Programs) the version is (I double checked the installation files and this is really version

    Really sloppy

  8. Christian,

    Feature Pack 3 versions have 14.0.3 not 14.0.4. Your CMS is running as a version equivalent to SP4 Patch 3. With patches, it is normal for there to be a mixed bag of versions. The update installer would require overriding every core file to avoid this. That is why I mentioned it is best to go by what’s listed in the Add / Remove Programs. With that said, this can also indicate that the patch install went very wrong. In the past BusinessObjects would list the binaries (with versions) that were updated with each ADAP in the release notes. They no longer do this so it’s impossible for an outsider to research and understand if they actually have an issue. Concerning patches going wrong, if a service is running while the patch installer attempts to override an existing binary, the file might not get updated. As a result the mix bag of binaries might actually create a compatibility issue which prevents services from starting. If all of your services are running and there are no issues, you are likely ok. Otherwise, contact support.


  9. Hi, Could you kindly tell me the difference between Service pack, support pack, fixed pack. What exactly does each term represent.

    Thaank you

  10. Hi Jon, In our environment I find in CMC setting the build is but in services it is Can you please tell me the reason what went wrong here.

  11. I too have seen this. I am assuming that the patch did not update the value on the settings page but updated the the actual binaries associated with the services. For patches, it’s not unusual to see a mixed bag of revisions when looking at all the options mentioned above. The best way to insure you have the patch installed is to use the Windows (add / remove) Programs or Linux equivalent.

  12. Thanks for posting this. It helped me track down an incompatibility issue between Dashboards 4.0 and the BO Edge Trial Edition that I’m running. The trial is SP2 and I needed SP3 which introduced RESTful Web Services.

  13. Hi,

    i have upgrade the BusinessObjects on Linux environment from BO4.0SP5 Patch 4 to BO4.0SP5 Patch 6. Installation say’s successfully installed BI Platform 4.0 SP5 Patch 6.

    When i see in CMC still it says build “974” but i expected it should be “1019”. Even i thought is installation didn’t happen successfully. Tried again to install, then it says Uninstall Confirmation.

    Can you please tell me the reason what went wrong here.

  14. What is listed in the [BOBJ Install Directory]/InstallData/inventory.txt file. That will be the best indication. Patches do not always change all of the version numbers.

  15. Yes Jonathan.

    In Inventory.txt file i have build # 1019. alongwith other build numbers.

    Thanks for the response.

  16. Hi Jonathan,
    Our phase 1 environment from last year is operational and all the components work together for our EIM Team. The products are:

    SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0 SP2 Patch 15 (Patch 2.15)
    SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0 Client Tools SP2 Patch15
    SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0 SP2 Patch4
    SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 4.0 SP2 Patch 3

    We share this environment with the BA team, who are experiencing a critical issue with reporting. SAP instructed them to update the BI Platform to Patch 5.7 ( I’m trying to determine what the impact will be on our Data Services and IS deployments which will remain on SP2.15. None of the documentation directly addresses whether earlier versions of DS/IS will work on a Much higher patched BI Platform. Any thoughts?

  17. Hi Jonathan,

    I really like your forum, and the way you answer to the question we have.

    I am a BO developer, however I would like to know the role of the BO administrator, like a document which gives the complete step by step information of how to give a folder or report access to the particular user. Complete CMC step by step procedure.

    Please help.


  18. The best source for this information is the official SAP training course. The “Administering users” version will cover this as you requested.

  19. I wonder why it is not possible to publish the BO version directly anywhere on CMC?

    I mean, it’s possible to write but not possible to write SP06P01?

  20. I’m searching for a checklist which is useful when service packs are being upgraded. Our client is asking us to come up with such document.
    If there is any one, can some body refer a link on the same ?


  21. Hi!

    I’ve just installed SP7 for BO BI 4.0 clients on Windows Server 2003 32-bit (VM Ware on ESX, not laptop).

    It took about 5 hours !?!
    On the same server, installation of SP4 took less than 1 hour.

    Anybody noticed that ?



  22. Hi again,

    I’ve just installed SP7 for BO BI 4.0 clients on Windows Server 2008 64-bit (VM Ware on ESX, not laptop).

    It took exactly 58 minutes.

    It seems to be a problem with Windows Server 2003 ?!?

    Quite strange… I didn’t have this problem with SP4 or SP5.

    NB: on both servers, SP7 is installed over SP5.

    Anybody else met the problem on Windows Server 2003 32-bit ?



  23. Hi Jonathan,

    I have BO 4.0 SP2 installed on Windows 2008 Server R2.
    I need to update to the latest version that supports mobile devices, what is the best way to do that?

    I tried to install directly the SP6, it shows an error that ‘can’t install a new higher version on a previous low version installed’.

    Shall I install SP3, SP4, SP5, and SP6 in order to reach the latest version?

    Please help.

    I really like your forum.

  24. Hey Jonathan! Very useful list..!

    Is it possible to install a Service Pack over a version that is not the immediate previous ? For instance, I’m trying to instal the SP7, and my current version is the 4.0 SP2. As I’m reading those lines I realise that it might be a little too ambitious 😉

    Thanks for your help!

  25. In general you can. You need to check the installation and upgrade guide first, but most of the 4.x releases allow for upgrades from to any 4.x build.

  26. Hi Jon,
    I might sound like a broken record here but I just finished installing BI4.0 SP8 Patch 2 on my CMS servers and the patch number in the CMC is from SP8 Patch 1 that is My CMS.Exe shows as well but inventory. txt has a line from and also the add/remove programs show

  27. Different version numbers are possible. They do not always update each and every binary’s version when patching. That is why I mostly go by the inventory.txt file. It indicates which package version was actually installed.

  28. Can we directly install BO 4.0 SP7 Patch 6 client tools on a VM or my laptop with no BO 4.0 Platform server? I just need these client tools to access the CMS remotely.

    Is this possible?

  29. Hi Jonathan,
    nice work so far.

    I’ve installed BO 4.1 SP02 Patch 6 under RHEL.
    I am not able any more to check the installed version in any of your ways, until BO 4.0 it worked fine, i think.

    I am not able to read the boe_cmsd file, the inventry.txt has 0 byte and under “Properties” in CMC is only the installed database shown.

    But in the CMC under “HELP” –> “INFO” i see the installed version:
    SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1 Support Pack 2 Patch 6

    Maybe this could help you to update your site.

    Sorry for my poor english.



  30. Excellent stuff!

    Jonathan, I was able to verify my Bi 4.1 sp6 update using your steps. However when I tried to login to CMC and BI launch pad and check the version going to About and see the version, I still see my old Sp5 in both CMC and BI launch pad. When I check my APS, CMS and other servers their version in 14.1.6. Please suggest what I am missing here?

    Appreciate your time on my post.


  31. Yes, When I checked the WAR files they were installed on the same day that I have installed the update and on the new version. I have installed client tools as well. The client tools show up the latest version. I restarted machine to changes to be affected. The CMC and BI launch pad server updates(BI 4.1 SP6) are not showing. Please advice.


  32. Hello Jonathan Another update, I see the WAR files not updated, As Installation Directory\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps\ has executable JAR files, which were having modified date as previous version install date. Could you help me with next steps I need to do now? Or let me know how can I troubleshoot if all the files were updated with latest version.


  33. Thanks Jonathan! I am undeploying now and will redeploy to see if the cache is cleared and my latest version will be updated.

    I really appreciate your help!


  34. Hello Jonathan,

    I did undeploy and deployed again. Looks like I still have the same older version. But when I launch the local host in CMC and BI Launch pad, in About the versions are to the latest, when I login with my dev server replacing local host it is back to older version. I am not understanding what went wrong here?

    Any trouble shooting steps?


  35. Hi,

    Can you please tell how to find out the version of Lumira installed .

    BO is installed on Linux and i just have access to CMC/BI/AdminTools.


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