The Power of BI Services with Xcelsius 2008

The following presentation was presented at the ASUG conference in October of 2011. It was presented in conjunction with Jeff Baumann, BI Manager at Popeye’s . The presentation contains links to recorded videos to illustrate the key points.

Key Points:

  •  How do BI Web Services Work?
  •  Comparing QaaWS and BI Services
  •  Popeye’s Xcelsius Success Stories and Roadmap

Download Presentation


  1. Hi,
    Nice presentation. Could you please help me in my case.
    I have a webi report(source is BW Bex query, created using BICS connection) which has few prompts coming from Bex like Hierarchy Node variables and customer exit variables.
    If i create BIWS out of this WebI report, will my hierarchy node variables and exit variables be cascaded to Dashboards?
    Ultimately my Dashboards should prompt the user to select different Hierarchy nodes available in my BW as it prompts now in WebI report upon refresh.


  2. Unfortunately Universe based prompts or BEx Variables are not exposed to the BIWS layer. Only prompts created in the WebI query panel are seen by a BIWS. I hope SAP will add this functionality in the future. In your case you can remove the variables from the BEx report and create them at the WebI level assuming it supports filtering on your Dimension object type.

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