This blog is dedicated to information about the SAP Business Intelligence suite of tools offered by SAP. We include content about SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Data Services,SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud related solution. It is maintained by Jonathan Haun, Sr. Director with Protiviti.


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I have a question we have installed SAP Business Objects 4.0 sp02 and patch 14 but we want to apply sp02 Patch 18 now for a important bug which is resolved in this patch. Do we have to test everything like all crystal,dashboard & webi etc. again because there are lot of things changed for these products according to release notes or we can assume things which were running on Patch 14 will run fine on Patch 18.

    Please suggest.


  2. In my experience updating from one patch version to another patch version on the same SP caries little or no risk. However due diligence would dictate that that you validate the patch in Development prior to moving the patch into Production. Concerning the testing of each report type, it would be wise to test the top 10% most critical reports of each type. If you are using Crystal, Web Intelligence, Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) I would pick the top 10% from each area and test. In my experience there are few issues as a result of the patch upgrade, but patches 15+ did add / change / fix some of the functionality between Web Intelligence and BICS (BEx) direct binding. In summary, while it is a necessity to aggressively patch BOE 4.0 SP2, you should test before moving a patch into production.

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    your blog is valuable resource for part time BO developers like me that cant keep in touch with continuous updates that SAP push on to Business Objects Product. Wondering if you can point me to right direction- we are planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, Does BO 4.0 have any universe templates for MS AX modules that you are aware of??
    thanks in advance

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    I just bought your Implementing SAP HANA book at sap-press.com. I would like to ask one thing, can I ask what’s the current rate for SAP BW/BI Consultant?

    I look forward to your reply. Thank you.


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