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Implementing SAP HANA, an End-to-End Perspective

I recently had the opportunity to work with several of my colleagues at Decision First and SAPExperts to develop a comprehensive special report detailing the steps required to implement Standalone SAP HANA using both SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 and SAP Data Services 4.0. Below is a summary of the article, a link to the official Executive Summary document and a link to the Article. To read the full article you must have a membership to SAPExperts. If you do not have a membership I would highly recommend that you invest in it. A SAPExperts membership will grant you access to information and content that will help you master your understanding of the SAP tools.

Implementing SAP HANA, an End-to-End Perspective

by Jonathan Haun, Consulting Manager, Decision First Technologies; Christopher Hickman, Principal Consultant, Decision First Technologies; and Don Loden, Principal Consultant for BI, Decision First Technologies.

In this executive summary, learn tips about SAP HANA in the areas of creating a data model, the modeling process, and connecting SAP BusinessObjects to SAP HANA. This executive summary is an abbreviated version of a full, exclusive SAPexperts special report, “Implementing SAP HANA, an End-to-End Perspective,” available to SAPexperts subscribers. For more information about SAPexperts, go to

Download the full Executive Sumary for free (PDF): SAP HANA Exec Summary

Link to the full article: View the Article

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