Rebutting the competition on HANA FUD

Recently Oracle supporters began blogging about HANA. It appears that HANA is doing something very right because the misinformation from the competition is pouring on strong. I am providing this posting to help potential HANA customers filter out the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

The first article, from an Oracle supporter, lists the “5 Facts that SAP won’t tell you about HANA”. However most of the information is marketing FUD and not technical fact. You can read the article for your self at

Soon after a perfect response was given from the Experience SAP HANA blog by Ken Tsai . Ken’s response was perfect and you can read it by clicking here .

For a fair and balanced article, comparing Oracle and SAP check out this review.

I also found another posting on the site that proclaimed that HANA was limited to 1 TB of data but the posting was quickly removed. The original link was and was spotted in the following tweet. However, it has since been removed from Again this was not correct on two points. First, HANA utilizes compression in memory. In my experience I have seen the compression as high as 12 times , but the stated rate is 5 times. This means that 5 TB of Oracle data can be stored in 1 TB of RAM on HANA. Secondly, there are scale out hardware solutions that actually provide HANA with 8 TB of RAM. With a little quick math, this equates to about 40 TB of Oracle data. For the first time in many years there is a software package available the pushes the hardware vendors to increase the amount of RAM supported on the Motherboard. Expect this 40 TB limitation to increase very quickly as servers begin supporting more and more RAM. It’s great to see that HANA is doing so well.

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