What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP8?

If there is an award for the most unimpressive support pack, I believe SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP8 is the clear winner. All joking aside, it is strange that SAP decided to release SP8 without adding a single new features to the product. The “What’s new” guide only provides a link to the PAM and it also fails to list any new features. In addition, within the PAM, there is not a single mention of SP08. I’m guessing this means that someone forgot to update the PAM? The release notes contain a section for SP08 (Support Package 8) starting on page 906. There are several hundred fixes listed between page 906 and 997. My conclusion is the SP08 is all about the fixes and we need to start moving to version 4.1 to find new features. Therefore I will focus this posting on my personal top “fixes” is SP08 because there is nothing else to share.

  1. (ADAPT01677669) Logging on to InfoView may take a long time (more than 20 seconds) if reverse-DNS lookup is not possible.
  2. (ADAPT01678695) The promotion management home page loads for a long time.
  3. (ADAPT01694045) If there is no “Custom” folder in Tomcat.Webapps.MobiServer.WEB-INF.config folder, the Server.properties should obtain values from default folder.
  4. (ADAPT01694169) General rights for the Web Intelligence application are missing when creating a new custom access level.
  5. (ADAPT01694732) The upgrade management tool crashes after scrolling up and down on the “Object Selection” page.
  6. (ADAPT01700523) The upgrade management tool crashes while scrolling or while the scroll bar in the “Object Selection” page listing many objects is held for a long time.
  7. (ADAPT01696852) When you migrate a Web Intelligence document and instance from XI 3.0 to BI 4.0, you have to delete and recreate the recurring instances.
  8. (ADAPT01697421) The Central Management Server (CMS) fails intermittently when Windows AD users log into BI launchpad.
  9. (ADAPT01698197) When a browser is set to Compatibility View mode, after logging on to BI launch pad, the upper portion of the BI launch pad window is not visible.
  10. (ADAPT01672507) The Web Intelligence Applet certificate expires September 8 2013. This problem is resolved.
  11. (ADAPT01676174) Web Intelligence document instances are generated in the Input File Repository Server instead of in the Output File Repository Server.
  12. (ADAPT01686703) The Web Intelligence HTML interface hangs when you try to format a cell within a report and the browser needs to be restarted.

Below is the forward fit information:

  • BOE 4.0 Sp6 Patch 6
  • BOE 4.0 SP7 Patch 2
  • BOE 4.0 SP5 Patch 14
  • BOE 4.1 – There is not mention but I’m guessing that 4.1 SP2 will contain some of the same 4.0 SP8 fixes.


  1. Hi
    Just reading your blogs. I Have a question, cause I don’t find in this blog waht is the recomendet way :). We are evaluating a implementing Partner for Design Studio. Now we have absolutly different proposal. One sais Design Studio with BOE into NW Portal is perfekt. The other one say the would not recoment the integration of Design Studio in NW Portal via BOE (Navigation Panel and so one). What is right ?
    kind regards Steff

  2. Good afternoon.
    Install BO 4.0 SP08, SP02 previously located. It installed fine, I was able to logging of the CMC and BI without any problem, I could open the reports already created without any problem, create a report and publish it without problem.
    The problem I had is that you can not open the boards already created in xcelsius.Primeramente verify that there were no DashboardServer DashboardAnalyticsServer and services, but then they told me to install the 08 pack services are not needed these two services. Therefore a deploy performed as follows:
    1. Stop Tomcat

    2. Go to Start > Programs > SAP Businessobjects BI platform 4.0 > SAP Businessobjects BI platform > wdeploy

    3. Choose your language

    4. Ensure the displayed service name and pathway to your Businessobjects Tomcat installation are correct (these ae
    not correct by default)

    5. Check ‘Undeploy web applications from server’ and run

    6. Check ‘Deploy all available web applications’ and run

    7. Restart Tomcat
    but I had no success either.
    Please I want an answer to this as I am in the customer 2 weeks ago and I can not fix it.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Jonathan,
    Seen your posts and they are fabulous. If you have encountered or know about a unique issue as below, please let me know
    – we have BOE 4.0 SP2 on RHEL.
    on applying the SP9 upgrade, the install runs fine in about an hour, but in the process, deletes a lot of tomcat file, removes the work directory, removes the startup scripts, policy file, License file, catalina.sh etc.
    any ideas ? We have done it twice now and the issue persists.

  4. Hi,

    I hope you can help me with one doubt.

    I going to install some Windows Fix in my Windows Server 2012, in which my SAP BI/BO 4.2 SP 8 is installed.

    So, exist any form to check if this fixs affect my SAP BO?


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