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  1. I’ve just read this post and two others on your blog and I find mlysef awash with emotions. I started out, from an IT background, with Seagate Info 6 and Crystal Reports. Mostly I just did the technical architecture and a little bit of reporting. Then came the move to Crystal Enterprise and the move from a desktop application to a browser based application. The stuff that got left out left users and administrators with nerve-jangling pain until Crystal Enterprise 10. At least Crystal Reports stayed good and got better. It did everything except allow users to create their own reports. Then, just as things were settling down again along came BusinessObjects who had a great concept of flexible reporting and a semantic layer but not such a strong enterprise architecture. A whole new world of pain and confusion arose as we tried to upgrade customers from BO6.5 to BO XI (no Deski, a barely-there Webi) and connect Crystal to a Universe (the memory still hurts).XIR2 was better, by XIR2 we were rock’n’rolling and ignoring the disaster that was SP1, by SP2 things were good. Then came XI3. Oh dear. Let’s just jump straight to XI3.1 this was life being good again. The came SAP acquisition and my first attempt to integrate BO with BW. Like everyone else we tried to deliver the sexy Webi against BW and let’s just say after the global escalation and the customer reverting to BEx I was glad I still had RDBMS customers to serve while we waited for the golden bullet, BI4 which would fix everything and make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. Just, you know, wait a year.Then (eventually) came BI4 and at the same time a global project to deploy it against BW7.3. No confusing multiple sources of data just ERP and BPC to BW and BI4 on top. Sadly the last 18 months have been the hardest, most confusing and frustrating years of my life working with BO.

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