SAP Predictive Analysis 1.0.9 – What’s New?


 SAP Predictive Analysis is the latest addition to the SAP BusinessObjects suite and introduces entirely new functionality to the existing Business Objects toolbox.  Predictive Analysis integrates SAP’s Visual Intelligence data visualization tool with new predictive functionality powered by both open source R and SAP-written algorithms.  Predictive Analysis includes algorithms for time series forecasting (for predicting sales, demand, price, and other time-dependent metrics), clustering (for identifying distinct groups of individuals based on numeric descriptive data), decision trees (for creating a tree-like set of decision support rules to categorize observations), and linear regression (for fitting linear relationships between a dependent variable and one or more predictors).  These predictive algorithms can be used to extract insights and predictions, improving the value and actionability of the existing Business Intelligence infrastructure.  Predictive Analysis combines these powerful predictive algorithms with a familiar and easy-to-use tool that integrates with existing BusinessObjects tools to make data preparation, model…

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