Thoughts on In Memory Databases (Part 1) by @flashDBA

(Part 1) Must Read two part posting by @flashdba


Everyone is talking about In Memory at the moment. On blogs, in tweets, in the press, in the Oracle marketing department, in books by SAP employees, even my Violin colleagues… it’s everywhere. What can I possibly add that will be of any value?

Well, how about owning up to something: I find myself in a bit of a quandary on this subject. On the one hand it’s a new buzzword, which means that a) it’s got everyone’s attention, and b) many people with their own agenda will seek to use it to their advantage… but on the other hand, given the nature of my employment (I work for Violin Memory, purveyors of flash memory systems), it seems like something we ought to be talking about.

As anyone who works in the IT industry knows (and perhaps it’s the same in other industries), we love a…

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