Sharknado Social Media Analysis with SAP HANA and Predictive Analysis


Mining Social Media data for customer feedback is perhaps one of the greatest untapped opportunities for customer analysis in many organizations today. Social Media data is freely available and allows organizations to personally identify and interact directly with customers to resolve any potential dissatisfaction. In today’s blog post, I’ll discuss using SAP Data Services, SAP HANA, and SAPPredictive Analysis to collect, process, visualize, and analyze social media data to the recent social media phenomenon Sharknadosharknado

Collecting Social Media Data with SAP Data Services 

While I’ll be focusing primarily on the analysis of social media data in this blog post, social media data can be collected from any source with an open API by using Python scripting within a User-Defined Transform. In this example, I’ve collected Twitter data using the basic outline provided by SAP in the Data Services Text Data Processing Blueprints available on the SAP…

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