What’s new is SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP6?

Its that time again. SAP has released another Support Pack for the SAP BusinessObjects platform.  Like the SP5 patch, SP6 is less than groundbreaking. With that said, there are a few key items that SP6 will bring to the table.

  1. All of the features of SAP5. See the my previous posting on SP5 for more details. What’s new in SP5
  2. SAP Web Intelligence RESTful web service SDK. You can now manage several Web Intelligence report functions using a RESTful SDK. I have not experimented with it yet but if it lives up to the hype, this should make it easier to integrate applications with the SAP BusinessObjects platform.
  3. Lots of fixes from the SP4 build line. SP5 was centered on getting new functionality out to the masses. SP6 is more about merging all of the patches from the SP4 build with the features of SP5. I can now say the SP6 is a more stable and recommended build for new installations. However I have already found a major bug in Web Intelligence security.
  4. Be mindful that SP6 does not contain all of the fixes found in the SP4 and SP5 line. Patch 6.1 and 6.2 will be out before long to help you catch up. SP6 is forward fit to the following versions:
    • BI 4.0 Support Pack 5
    • BI 4.0 Patch 5.1 – 5.5
    • BI 4.0 Patch 4.4 – 4.11
  5. A full installer based on SP6 is now available. No more installing SP4 and then SP5 and then the latest patch. Granted, this will only last for a short time as SP7 is right around the corner (Last Week of July 2013).
  6. They removed support for SQL Server 2005 and several other data sources- Although existing connections will continue to work.

Other documents of note:

Forward Fit Plan Document

SAP BusinessObject 4.0 What’s New Guide

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP6 Release Notes (Requires SMP logon)

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP6 Administrator Guide  


  1. I see SAP has finally changed the look and feel of their publications. The Administrator manual has color highlights, a few screenshots, and a friendlier layout. Much better, although it’s a tome at 855 pages.

  2. Hi Jonathan, very good article, I always follow your blog for the latest SBOP news! Now I have a question that I’d like to clarify: do you think it is possible to upgrade SBOP 4.0 directly from SP2 to SP6 and obtain all FP3 features or it is necessary to pass through SP4? Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Jonathan, I’ve just started to follow your “All Things BOBJ” blog..

    I have a question about OS Patching, we are running SBOP 4.0 SP05 on Windows 2008 R2/ MS SQL 2008.. When we first installed BOBJ about a year ago I found a few post on OS Patching that discouraged from patching certain MS Patches..

    What would you suggest, and how do you do your OS Patching?


  4. Steve,

    OS Patching can always create a slight risk to any server software solution. I suggest that you install the OS patches, but setup a Software Test environment with BOBJ to test before applying to Production.

    In my experience, Windows OS patches rarely effect BOBJ, but the safest route is to test.


  5. Hello,

    Thank you for the update on BO 4 SP 6 . Can you please tell me how to configure IPAD with BO 4 SP 6 specifically. In BO 4 SP 6, I do not see BIMObileService War file. I only see MobileOTA14.war in c://ProgramFiles/SAP Business Objects/Mobile14/Client which I deployed but my IPAD is unable to talk to BO Platform.

  6. It is now automatic but I am assuming you upgraded from SP2 or SP4. You need to run the add remove programs (Windows) modify and check the mobile server option to enable this feature. SP5 + will automatically manage the WAR deployment.

  7. When you say SP7 is right around the corner how far away are we talking? Any clue?

  8. Thanks, Jonathan. I guess I’ll wait for SP7 to upgrade my current installation.

  9. Hi Jonathan,

    My BO server is on BO 4 SP4. what is the procedure to update to SP6?

  10. Thanks Jonathan,
    In fact, I’ll do a fresh installation directly to SP6 and then we’ll re-design/migrate any reports to this new installation. (This will be my test environment).
    I dont know whether you can answer me here but I wanted to know about the type of deployment to do for a production environment where I’ll have some 25 concurrent users – can I do a full installation with the bundled DB2 and Tomcat on a single machine (with sufficient RAM & CPU) or I need to install the Web Server on a separate machine…… Can you pls advise briefly if possible.


  11. I already went throu all these docs – sizing, splitting of APS services etc
    In case of production, is it advisable to do a full installation on a single host (high capacity host) or necessary to scale over more than one physical host, given a max of 25 concurrent users?

  12. It is always advisable to split the Web / Intelligence / Processing / REPO DB tiers onto separate servers (Nodes). However, a very large physical server with 40 cores and 64 GB of RAM can manage a full stack deployment with < 30 users defined in the system. This is not exactly an answer but more my thoughts on the question.

  13. Thanks Jonathan,
    I am using SAP Dashboard 4.0 with Bex Query ( BICS connection ), My issue is I am unable to display top 5(ranking) records in dashboard.In RSRT it is working fine but not working in dashboards. Is it fixed in an release or patch. Appreicate if you let me know how to accomplish this in dashboards. thanks

  14. Thanks for valuable info.
    I have a problem about patches. Whenever I download and try to extract SP4 patch 15(I have SP5), it says file is corrupt. I tried SP14 too, and the result was the same. I downloaded each one twice.
    Now I am going to download and try SP6. Any idea why those files are corrupt?

  15. Hi,

    On Windows 2008 platform, I get an incredible message when I try to install BO BI4.0 SP6 over SP5.1 (patch 1), something like :

    “Can’t install a newer version over an older one !”

    (about 6 minutes after clicking on setup.exe)

    WTFIT ?!? Is it a joke ? Though, I got it from SAP official site ! ;o)

    Anybody met this problem ?


  16. Steve,

    Are you trying to install an upgrade or a fresh install? There are two different files you need to use for upgrade and fresh install. I did the same mistake and got that error. Try downloading the upgrade files and you should be good to go.

  17. Raj,

    You can try defining the condition in your BEx query itself. You cannot expect dashboards to work as a powerful analytic tool like Web Intelligence reports.

  18. Hi,
    I have flash builder 4.6 and Dashboard 4.0 with SP06.
    I want to create custom component and export it in dashboards4.0.

    I read some texts and tutorials about it. Everywhere was the same. Build with Adobe Flex SDK 2.0.1 Hotfix 3 only. But adobe builder 4.6 don’t support it.

    I try create xlx file with dashboard add-on manager using samples from Xcelius samples. I crate file xlx (piechart). But when a take it a put on canvas in dashboard it doesn’t work,
    I don´t know programing in flex, but I watch some videos and read text.
    I try using default property sheet – Property Inspector.swf. But it doesn’t work.
    My question is: It is possible create and build custom component with flex SDK 4.6 and export it for Xceslius?Could you please help me regarding that.

  19. HI,

    Am planing to install BO. Now BusinessObjects 4.0 SP7 is available,

    Do i need to install directly SP7 or we need to insatll first BO 4.0 and than upgrade to SP7. Please suggest.


  20. There is both a full install and an upgrade install for BOE 4.0 SP7. Use the full install if nothing is already installed. Use the upgrade if you have a prior version of BOE 4.0 already installed.

  21. Hey Jonathan, You mention a big bug in Webi Security in SP 6, do you know if it got fixed in Patch 1 or 2?

  22. Hello Jonathon, I have a question about passwords in BOBJ..

    I’m curious how others have things configured and how they deal with user accounts and passwords.

    We have our BOBJ connected to our BW System for Authentication..
    So in order for a user to change their “BOBJ” password they need to do it the BW System..

    It’s been decided here, that the users won’t have access to BW via SAPGUI, only access to BOBJ.

    But were having difficulty when a user’s password needs to be changed, it has to be changed by a security admin with access to login to BW, and then passed on to the user. The user cannot change it themselves.

    What is the best practice for user account management?


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