SAP BW Powered By SAP HANA – Information and Links

Below are a few links I have found that provide information on SAP BW Powered by HANA. I will include a brief summary and the type of information you can expect from each link:

BW Powered by HANA Equals a Supercharged BW System: Link 

The above article will “summarize the major areas of performance improvements with SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA and  give some examples from Ramp-Up customers (RU)  or Proof of Concept customers (POC)”

SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA Frequently Asked Questions:

The link provides mostly marketing information and high level migration questions. FAQ Link

HANA In Memory Optimized Infocube Video Presentation:

The link provides information on BW powered by HANA including In-Memory optimized InfoCubes and Query performance. It can be technical at times but should provide useful migration information if you are familiar with SAP BW terminology. In-Memory Link

General SAP BW powered by HANA – Informational Power Point Presentation (Slide Deck):

The link provides a general overview and benefits. It is mostly marketing information. Link

Reporting on HANA but using SLT or Data Services to Load HANA:

This article is technical and a little hard to follow at time. However, I read it over a few times and found it to be informative. Link 


  1. I am currently working on a SAP BW powered by HANA and HANA standalone Pilot in Ramp-up. At the moment I don’t have any questionnaires. Why types of questions were you looking for?

  2. Krishna,

    My projects have focused on HANA standalone. My last project did include BW powered by HANA but that was managed directly by SAP and I managed the Data Services, BOBJ and HANA content portion. Based on my observations the process of migrating from one BW system (based on DB2 in this case) to the new NetWeaver 7.3 powered by HANA system was straight forward. However, there were several BW and HANA tuning issues that had to be addressed post migration. The main purposes for the client to move to BW powered by HANA was based on the need to increase the response time associated with large InfoCube BEx queries. Given that the BW Powered by HANA solution works much like previous BW systems (based on any DB), I would assume many of the same questions still apply. However, an experienced SAP BW powered by HANA implementer might have more input.


  3. Thank you very much for sharing! A client is thinking of implementing SAP HANA standalone and wonders if they should move their BW System onto HANA or rebuild the reports. Considerations: The BW reports are not many and they cover the information partially (for example, they are only covering sales to the US, but they also want to include sales to EMEA in the Standalone reporting).. Can the two environments coexist? What would you advise? Thank you in advance. Greetings!

  4. Lean,

    If they purchase the SAP HANA Enterprise License (Not limited use), they can use SAP HANA to power BW and to host data marts. Some at SAP do not like using a single instance of HANA to host BW and a data mart, but if you manage it correctly, it will work perfectly. If you go this route, the customer will find it to be an easy transition. Keep the BW content and then build new HANA native content on a per project basis.

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